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Bee is a new full-color cartoon strip for alternative newsweeklies. Bee (a plucky and insatiably curious young woman) works as a photo-finishing technician in a one-hour lab in lower Manhattan. To amuse herself, she duplicates -- for her own collection -- any titillating photos that happen to pass through her hands. When pictures of a naked corpse are left for processing, Bee's interest is piqued.

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When hard-drinking gambler Jack's streak of luck begins to slip, he turns to fatherly club owner Rex for a helping hand. Jack's showgirl-girlfriend Gina turns to Rex as well, but for a helping hand of another kind...

    Order the full color Jack's Luck Runs Out comic book (24 pp, US$ 3.50) from
Top Shelf Productions.

Excerpt, 5 pages.


Nervous Norris befriends a plump goth chick on a flight from Newark to Miami.
    From the forthcoming Drawn & Quarterly 2000, available soon from
Drawn & Quarterly Publications.

Complete, 3 pages.


In this full-color 3-D cartoon, a tireless single mom confronts her baby's would-be kidnapper. No special glasses required.
    From the Jack's Luck Runs Out comic book, available through
Top Shelf Productions.

Complete, 5 pages.


Detailed instructions on the application of the Heimlich maneuver, plus historical notes.
    Previously published in Zero Zero no. 23, available from
Fantagraphics Books.

Complete, 1 page.

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